Медиа Форум


Live: Monica Studer and Christoph van den Berg — Mountain Top



Media Forum Schedule

Exhibition at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art:
25 June — 26 July 2013. Opening for press — 24 June 2013

Lections, discussions, screenings, workshops at Museum Exhibition Complex "Manege":
21—26 June 2013

Please note: to attend Media Forum lecture and screening events you have to register at website http://mediaartlab.timepad.ru/events.


21th of June — 23th of June

Master class by Milica Tomic (Serbia) — CEH Manege. 

22rd of June

Multimedia Art Museum, (Ostozhenka, 16)

19.00 — Manuela Morgaine and Boris Nelepo. Artist talk and interview.

Film screening.“Lightning” a legend in four seasons by (2012, France, 3 h 50) 

20.00 — Film screening. “Lightning”: BAAL — autumn — and PATHOS MATHOS — winter (2 h 06 min).

22.30 — Film screening. “Lightning”: THE LEGEND OF SYMEON — spring — and ATOMS — summer (1 h 44 min).

23rd of June

Multimedia Art Museum, (Ostozhenka, 16)

18.00 — Master class by Monica Studer and Christoph van den Berg (Switzerland)

24th of June

Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art (Gogolevskiy boulevard, 10).

19.00 — Exhibition opening. «Mocumentary: Reality Is Not Enough»

25th of June

Central Exhibition Hall Manege (Manegnaja Square 1)

15.00 — Master class by Nonny de la Peña and Peggy Weil (USA).

17.00 — Master class by Janez Janša (media activist Davide Grassi, Italy-Slovenia) and film screening. Documentary My Name Is Janez Jansa (Slovenia, 2012, 1 h 7 min)

20.00 — Master class by Omer Fast (Israel)

26th of June 

Central Exhibition Hall Manege (Manegnaja Square 1)

19.00 — Film screening. «The Falls» by Peter Greenaway (1980, UK, 3 h 15 min)

28th of June

Central Exhibition Hall Manege (Manegnaja Square 1)

19.00 —  Presentation of the book «Mithology of media. Experience the historical description of the artist's biography. Alexei Isaev"



Moscow Museum of Modern Art
Gogolevsky Boulevard, 10

Open School "Manege/MediaArtLab"
Manezhnaya square, 1